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Dillsburg, PA — Independent rock group Jump The Gun is finding its performances to be spot on with the help of Aviom’s Personal Mixers. 

Jump The Gun has graced the stages of many clubs ranging from CBGB’s in New York to the 8×10 in Baltimore. Earlier this year the band played at events with such music greats on hand as “The Sharks” and Ted Nugent. The group’s full sound comes from just three members — Doug Wardrope, vocals and guitar; Jim Gordon, bass and vocals and Rob Braden, drums and vocals.  

Because the venues the group performs in vary greatly, Jump The Gun band members require a means to help keep them on pitch while also helping to keep the volume in check. “Only two things in the world of music technology have come along that instantly became indispensable to me; my in-ear monitor system and the

Aviom Personal Mixer,” says

Wardrope. “The ability to set up your own monitor mix quickly becomes a habit that you will have a tough time breaking. This system allows you the freedom of hearing yourself slightly above the mix so that you can play your best.” 

Each band member uses an Aviom A-16CS Control Surface on stage that is paired with an A-16R Rack-mount Mixer for each of the A-16CS units. These are connected to an AN-16/i-M Mic Input Module and an A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor. The band monitors using Shure PSM600 Personal (In Ear) Monitor Systems. Using this setup, each band member can customize his own monitor mix. 

For many gigs, the group runs the sound from the stage in a setupwhere all instruments are interfaced directly into the AN-16/i-M. As Gordon explains, the ability to keep the group’s stage volume down while still putting on a stellar show has made the group even more marketable. The band can even do gigs in venues that would typically only hire acoustic acts because of the volume issues. 

“Along with being able to hit our vocal pitch easier, the Aviom system has helped us get gigs in some of the smaller rooms that might not have a rock band. Thus, we’ve been using it as a marketing tool for hiring the band. The system is also easy to set up—everyone in the band figured out how to use the mixers inside of ten minutes.” 

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