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Learn video game music production and composition from one of the most celebrated composers in the industry.

New York, October 19, 2020 – Veteran composer and music producer Tom Salta, renowned for scoring some of the most iconic video games in history, including the HALO Series, PUBG, the TOM CLANCY Series, PRINCE OF PERSIA, WOLFENSTEIN and many others, is bringing the culmination of his experience and expertise to a new Masterclass Series on music production and composition for video games.

For the first time, Tom Salta is offering his in-depth knowledge and experience from working in the video games industry in a unique educational series. A dynamic presenter and international speaker at TEDx, TwitchCon and numerous other conferences and universities, Tom Salta’s Masterclass Series is a game-changer for any composer and musician interested in building a career in video games.

“If you are the new to the world of game audio, it can be quite daunting to know where to even begin, and you’ve quite possibly been scouring the Internet for answers,” says Salta. “If so, Game Music Essentials is made for you.”

The first of Tom Salta’s Masterclass Series classes to launch, Game Music Essentials will cover the following subjects:

  • Interactive Music
  • Implementation and Adaptive Scoring
  • The Creative Process – Part 1
  • The Creative Process – Part 2
  • The Business of Game Music
  • FREE live 5-min Zoom call with Tom Salta to critique your composition

In Interactive Music, Salta walks through his entire composing workflow and how he applies it to scoring for games. In Implementation and Adaptive Scoring, he teaches the basics of the various ways music is integrated into video games, along with some strategies and techniques composers can apply to their own creative process. In his Creative Process talks, Salta will offer an honest, personal and revealing look into how he harnesses his creative flow and provide real-world insights, practical solutions and inspiration for other composers and musicians; he will examine what he calls the ‘phases of creativity’ and also offer tips and lessons learned over his three decades as a creative music professional. Finally, in The Business of Game Music, Salta will delve into the necessary mindsets that anyone intending on turning their passion for composing music into a career should keep in mind; from tips on being an effective team player, the value of relationships, what to expect on contracts, thoughts on pricing your services, and where to get started.

Applicants interested in upcoming classes can register here.

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