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b-sharp Records Classic Performances With ADAM Audio

Berlin-based b-sharp specializes in the recording and post-production of classical music, film soundtracks and is best known for its award-winning live remote recordings of performances in great venues around the world.
b-sharp has earned Grammy and Gramophone awards for recordings in settings such as New York’s Carnegie Hall, Rachmaninoff’s villa in Switzerland, the King’s Palace in Istanbul, the Musikverein in Vienna and the prestigious Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.
For years b-sharp has relied on ADAM Audio monitors, first the S3As and, more recently, the S3X-Hs. Their studio is also equipped with five ADAM Classic Series Pencil speakers in a Surround system.
Asked about ADAM, company founder Philipp Nedel said, “their speakers have been our portable reference and a rock solid companion for location recording projects around the globe.
“When it came to furnishing our new studio in Berlin, we were looking for a surround setup that would translate our mixes

from ‘on the road’ into the studio domain and vice versa without any surprises. The Pencil series being a close relative of the S3A was our first choice.�
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About ADAM Audio: Combining extensive experience and research in the field of speaker systems with their revolutionary ART and X-ART tweeter designs, physicist Klaus Heinz founded ADAM Audio in 1999. Based in Berlin, Germany, ADAM designs and builds professional monitor systems for leading recording studios around the world as well as sophisticated hi-fi and multi-channel loudspeaker systems for the home and residential installation markets.