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Emerson Loughman Palmer’s Be Empirical Now on Vinyl

Monday, January 21, 2019 — Hollywood, Calif., January 21, 2019 – Emerson Loughman Palmer’s debut EP Be Empirical is out now following the superstar trio’s blistering, dystopian single Finding Sense, having been just released in late November. The long-awaited EP, which features Emerson Swinford [Rod Stewart] on lead guitar, David Palmer [ABC] on drums and Mancunian Mark Loughman [Queens of the Stone Age] on guitar, bass and vocals, is available on vinyl via LonMan records, with the digital version soon to be available on multiple streaming services.

Be Empirical harkens an earlier, more authentic age of rock ‘n’ roll, featuring rollicking rhythms and hefty guitar tones set amidst six well-constructed, immaculately produced tracks. Engineered by Simon Phillips (The Orb, Mike Oldfield) at his LA studio and produced by Loughman, the EP is the result of a chance meeting among the three superstar rockers during a commercial airline flight, 30,000 feet in the air. Next month, the trio will play the EP in its entirety at Los Angeles’ legendary Viper Room during an exclusive record release party.

The EP starts off with “Finding Sense” — an intelligent, if cynical, take on the status quo of the complacency and corruption in our modern government and society. During the ballad, Loughman pleads for common understanding and sensibility in an infectious tenor voice: “If I can find some sense I want it now.” The second track, “The Best That I Can Give is All You Get” sees Loughman exposing the raw challenges of love affair amidst a Ronettes-inspired backbeat and a cacophony of inspired and meandering electric guitars. “I’ve Seen Everything” opens with a convincing Jumpin’ Jack Flash-esque guitar riff that grabs the listener headlong and takes them through a journey of discovery: “I’ve been everywhere and I’ve seen everything, but I’ve never seen that.”

Side 2 starts with “You See Wonderful, You See Pretty”, which presents a societal mirror challenging us to question the information that is fed to us by the government and the media on a daily basis. The lyrically dark song opens with questions like: “Do you still think your government is working for you and that what the BBC reports is always true?” A conceptual anchor point of Be Empirical, punctuated by thundering drums and short, sharp power chords, the track beseeches us never to take things at face value and to uncover meanings for ourselves.

The remaining tracks of Side 2, “A Linear Husband” and “I Want You for Myself” are eminently more hopeful and laid-back, inviting the listener into a soft pillow of climbing and descending melodies and meandering guitars. Both tracks’ lyrics capture a spirit of blissful devotion, amidst easygoing percussion and sumptuous, melodic basslines — the perfect closing tracks. “I Want You for Myself” sees Loughman letting loose on a soulful and evocative guitar solo, putting in place one of the final pieces of a landmark recording.

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