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beats by dre beats hot sell

Coolbeats headphones to enjoy the sounds of nature, Monster sound headphones.For portable player, portable player or a high sound quality, T70p is relatively good serve much more than the 32 ohm version of the DT880. We explicitly talked about in the DT880’s evaluation, DT880, K701, HD650, the sound quality is worse, this is not just because of the 600 ohm impedance and impedance of 32 ohms, but it in the voice of resolving power, transient details of the performance is indeed somewhat less certain. While the T70p relatively DT880 progress is obvious, the same as the 32-ohm impedance, the sound than the DT880 clean, full of down-to-earth, the distortion is smaller and better high-frequency extension. Apart from this, T70p better sound density, solid and clean sound compared with K701, HF, MF, T70p more thick some dynamic is slightly better. Beyerdynamic style seems to have been a deliberate pursuit of sound density trend, DT880 so, T70p also true, in such a tight style, but also the pursuit of the performance of large dynamic, resolution, DT880 apparently with the same level of headphone compared to the drop in the wind, T70p have improved to some extent. With K701, HD650 even the SHP9000 direct dialogue, it is the high frequency is still a distinct lack of stretch and Reiki, transient manifestations clean but stiff. IF vocal performance a little lack of affection and stretch the performance of small and medium preparation is an advantage, but slightly larger dynamic remained overly stiff.

Bodymonster beats in the concert scene, let us shout for their favorite stars right!Overall, T70p does not win in K701, HD650 headphones strength, but compared with DT880 series, significantly improve. Beyerdynamic A1 amp with our evaluation seems there is always a trace of regret, but in the A1 amp T70p headphones before the combination of price, selection than regret easier. SoundMAGIC the ES18 has orange, green, red appearance of three headphone housing is no longer like the E10 as a metal material and color decoration, ES18 just a thin metal ring decorated bring distinguish headphones different colors in the headphone housing . The headphone wire the bilateral isometric access way, not two lines into one of the splitter. Wire color, texture, somewhat less than the E10. ES18 headphones shell plastic, gray plastic casing work is still not particularly good, but because of the shape, unlike EH11 so difficult, the overall look than EH11 better wearing comfort and appearance details, nor EH11 as serious problems. Than just aesthetic level the E10 lot worse. In addition, as only 80 yuan a headset, ES18 also provides a compact leather pouch, looks quite exquisite.

Revolutionary product turned out to change the world of Monster sound headphones!The view from the ES18 the official parameters, and E10, 10mm Neodymium Impedance 16? Sensitivity 100dB and if we remember EH11 cell size is larger than the E10. EH11 and E10 Both sound US headphones on product evaluation, we found that the SoundMAGIC this two headphones to maintain a more consistent sound style for this low-cost products ES18 also be able to maintain this sound style? In fact, we are very interested. Over 100 hours ES18 burn in test audio part of the use of the iPod Classic, iPhone 4 and Sony the B152F as a main reference, a computer sound card Monitor 03 U.S. as a secondary reference. A test comparison headset SoundMAGIC E10 mainly Edifier H260 headset as a secondary reference. Overall, ES18 out loud after our first impression is good, mainly because it remains SoundMAGIC E10, EH11 voice style more pleasing, it does not like to the EH11 become difficult in the portable audio on full play, but more like the E10 easily driven, and certain aspects of the sound is more open. Specifically look at the the ES18 Beats By Dr.Dre Tour performance.