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beats dre uk new hot sell

Monster beats by dretone early, global fiery struck. Inspiration SOLO, sensory richness Wyatt automatically.K511 auricular and size ear pads can easily achieve all-inclusive ear wear. Part of the ear cushions wrapped in leather material, leather material is softer texture. The the K511 headphones headstock is still adaptive headset design: the size of the top of the head frame unchanged, a wide degree of tightness by the head to complete the installation in the elastic band head restraints. The overall weight of the headset is very light, it weighs only 195g, according to official said. In actual use, the the K511 headphone inward pressure is small, and relatively comfortable to wear. Closed design headphone unit structure, K511, headphone impedance 32 ohms, sensitivity 113dB, frequency response of 18Hz-20kHz. According to official information, K511 easy to promote, “both laptop and desktop computers, or mobile phones, music players, tablet PCs, and give full play to make the K511 sound quality strength. Monster tone early, global fiery struck. Inspiration SOLO, sensory richness Wyatt automatically.

Monster beats by dresound headphones, the beats dre cheap of music, take you into the beats dre cheap of paradise.Youlou sound headset when in use, have a significant impact in the larger volume, sound leakage interested people around. K511 burn in 100 hours or more, we use the Monitor 02 U.S., the Monitor 01 PS sound card as the primary reference sources, Apple iPod Touch 4, the SONY the B162F portable player as auxiliary reference source, compared to headphones AKG own K99, Edifier H850 Plextor D500. On the actual situation, K511 is very easy to promote, Apple iPod Touch 4, SONY B162F can easily “feed”. K511 is quite similar to the low frequency style with K99, a certain degree of flexibility and speed in its low frequency, but the less amount of sense, dynamic performance in general, and the dive and the intensity of the performance are some shortcomings. At the same time, the the headset control over the performance of the general, the sound is a little bit dim. Careful comparison, K511, or slightly better than the K99 sound slightly plump, but at a slower pace. Monster sound headphones, the beats dre cheap of music, take you into the beats dre cheap of paradise.

Hot sell cheap beats dre Monster sound headphones, celebrities can I also use.The K511 headphones low-frequency end as the force and resolving performance general, voice is not strong enough for some imaginary. In the expression of the symphony, the headphones sound a certain lack of layering. K511 IF dynamic performance in general, which, headphones Alto area in the low-frequency part and vocal part of the dynamic performance is better, slightly less than in the high-frequency part of the dynamic, the sound is not full, slightly collapse. Generally the K511 headphones IF resolving performance solid enough prominent vocal sound while lack of hierarchy, not enough detail, and the details of the sound is rich enough. Compared with K99, K511 IF dynamic overall slightly better, regardless of male, female compared with K99 slightly plump, but its resolving power than K99 worse sound cleaner without the latter. The K511 high frequency darker, style a bit more in the warm. Headphones density and dynamic performance of the high-frequency, small dynamic slightly better, there may be some distortion in the larger dynamic. Generally the performance of the K511 headphones high frequency transient expression plucked string instrument, not a sharp sense of speed. Meanwhile, some of it sounds difficult to control the sound level will be blurred slightly larger dynamic, is not clear. Monster sound headphones, celebrities can I also use.