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Black Toast Music Adds 200 New Songs and Instrumentals to Company Catalogue, Expands Music Genres & Styles to Website

Chatsworth, CA, June 2, 2010—Currently marking its 20th anniversary year, prominent, independent music publisher/production music library Black Toast Music has added 200 new songs and instrumentals to its wealth of available material for clients. Black Toast Music CEO/owner/founder Bob Mair made the announcement.

The new Black Toast Music material, available at, under the banner “Release BTM 005,� is now available to search, audition, and download. For Dashbox and Soundminer users, this new material is available on those servers as well.

Included among the new upload from Black Toast Music are selections from new Import British Indie Band The Talks, Big Band/Swing featuring the amazing voice of Rick Riso, Pop artists Shelayne and Madeleine West, the soulful David Morgan, Indie Pop/Rock featuring Jonny Polonsky, Indie Hip Hop from St. John, and traditional Irish/Celtic music from Craicmore, as well

as tunes from singer/ songwriter Jill Freeman.

The company has also added to its catalogue new genres and styles previously unavailable, including Irish, South American, Classical, Big Band, and Marching Band. All of this new material is now available online.

Mr. Mair said, “We’d like to encourage music supervisors from across all media—television, film, advertising, videogames, and corporate, to check out our exciting and diverse new material. Black Toast Music is a true and valuable resource for any project requiring the inclusion of fresh new songs from indie artists as well as high quality production music.�


Founded in l990 by noted musician/composer/producer Bob Mair, Black Toast Music is a leading independent music publisher/production music library based in Chatsworth, CA. Since its launch, the company has placed music in hundreds of television series, specials and TV movies, dozens of high profile motion pictures, videogames, Internet advertising campaigns, and numerous, multi-media presentations. For more info, please see