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Black Toast Music Expands Advertising Industry Success by Licensing New Indie Artists to Recent Ad Campaigns

Prominent independent music publisher and production music library Black Toast Music continues to expand its outreach within the advertising industry. CEO/Founder Bob Mair has announced that Black Toast recently licensed tracks from three of its artists, Paul Otten, Brent Magstadt, and Jen And Them – each of whom is signed to Black Toast Records (the company’s record label) to a number of notable advertising campaigns.

Regarding the company’s expansion within the advertising space, Mair said, “Through solid new relationships with top marketing agencies and production companies, we have been extremely fortunate to have supplied tracks from a variety of our newly signed Indie Artists to a diverse array of exciting, recent advertising campaigns.”

Black Toast recently licensed “Breeze,” by Black Toast Records artist Paul Otten, for a new campaign promoting the Duck Tape® brand. The spot, featuring Otten’s extremely upbeat and catchy tune, just broke across the U.S. and Canada. The new campaign promotes a variety of uses for colored duck tape during everyday life moments. Please see:

Additionally, Black Toast recently licensed the song “Always,” by Paul Otten, for a campaign promoting, a subsidiary of Staples. That spot recently broke on radio.

For the Big Star Denim brand, Black Toast licensed the tune “Wake Up Call,” by Paul Otten. That spot can be seen here:

Black Toast also licensed two songs for two upcoming spots promoting Walmart: “Right As Rain,” by Paul Otten, and “We Smile,” by Brent Magstadt, another Black Toast Records artist.

And, for a spot advertising the Whole Foods grocery chain, Black Toast supplied
the track “If I Was You,” by up and coming Black Toast Records artist, Jen And Them. The track runs from 1:01 – 1:46 here:


Founded in l990 by noted musician/composer/producer Bob Mair, Black Toast Music is a leading independent music publisher/production music library and record label based in Chatsworth, CA. Since its launch, the company has placed music in many hundreds of television series, including such hits as “Under the Dome,” “New Girl,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” “Raising Hope,” “Sons of Anarchy,” “True Blood,” “Dexter,” “Longmire,” and many others.

Black Toast also supplies music to TV specials and TV movies; dozens of high profile motion pictures, including “American Reunion;” videogames such as “Dance Dance Revolution” for Konami; Internet and National advertising campaigns such as Domino’s Pizza, and numerous, multi-media presentations. Black Toast Music contributed the main title theme (composed by Bob Mair and David Feldstein) for the hit Nickelodeon animated TV series “Glenn Martin, DDS” (created by Michael Eisner’s company Tornante).

In 2011, “Black Toast Records” was launched as a new label within the company. The formation of the label was in response to the overwhelming demand from fans that have heard Black Toast music in various films and TV shows. The label allows those fans the means by which to find, listen, and buy the latest releases from dozens of the great indie artists and singer/songwriters whose music Black Toast has placed in hit TV series and movies.

For more information about Black Toast Music and Black Toast Records, please see:

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