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Walk the Moon Front-of-House Engineer James Wooten Praises ShowMatch System from Bose Professional

Framingham, MA – James Wooten, front-of-house engineer for “Shut Up and Dance” pop-rockers Walk the Moon, is among the latest FOH engineers to experience firsthand the high-performance audio of the ShowMatch DeltaQ line array system from Bose Professional. He has gotten a chance to mix the band through installed ShowMatch systems at multiple venues now, including most recently the Crystal Ballroom in Portland, OR (which was outfitted with the system by integration company Tone Proper AV, located in nearby Gresham). Wooten singles out the system’s performance as excellent in terms of vocal clarity and naturalness, low-frequency “punch” and impact, consistency over the coverage area, and overall sound quality.

Wooten’s background includes early days as a multi-instrumentalist (“mostly a drummer,” he notes) and a rigorous education in studio recording before transitioning to live work when certain opportunities arose. He has now been with Walk the Moon for five years, witnessing their meteoric rise from his front-of-house position each night.

His diverse background has helped him develop particularly fine-tuned ears, and his opinion of the ShowMatch system is informed by that insight. He recalls, “Before the first night using the ShowMatch system, I knew Bose from its consumer products but had yet to experience a professional sound reinforcement system from the company. I had heard good things through testimonials, but I hadn’t experienced it myself. The system definitely exceeded my expectations. The coverage and the tonal quality is nice and warm without being too in-your-face, and you can get good volume out of it without harmonic distortion. I enjoyed mixing the band on it a lot. We experienced no technical issues whatsoever, and the band and crowd had a great show. Everybody was happy. And having worked at some of these venues on their previous systems, the ShowMatch is a clear step up in every way. I look forward to seeing ShowMatch systems in more and more venues moving forward.”

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