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Fetty Wap FOH Engineer Michael Skatuler Shares His Thoughts on Mixing Using Bose Professional ShowMatch™ DeltaQ™ Loudspeaker System

Framingham, MA – FOH Engineer Michael Skatuler, currently mixing for prominent hip hop artist Fetty Wap, recently got a chance to mix one of his shows at the Dallas House Of Blues using the Bose Professional ShowMatch™ DeltaQ™ loudspeaker system. Skatuler, who has worked for Pittston, Pennsylvania-based Rockstreet Music and has mixed a wide variety of artists including Little John, Aaron Carter and the Four Tops in addition to Fetty Wap, was acquainted with Bose product but was not familiar with its line of professional audio/sound reinforcement products. “I’ve had Bose equipment in my house, and it always sounded great, so I could not wait to hear what this PA sounded like. Frankly it blew me away – I actually was really surprised how good it sounded compared to other systems I have mixed on in the past,” stated Skatuler.

For this latest Fetty Wap tour, Skatuler used the in-house consoles and PA’s at each venue, so his equipment setup was different each night. “This tour allowed me the opportunity to hear and work with a lot of different PA’s and consoles,” commented Skatuler. “When we did soundcheck, I was using a Soundcraft console with the Bose system, and immediately I was really surprised with the crispness and the low end of ShowMatch. The bottom end was great – it really had a lot of punch to it, which is exactly what I need for Fetty Wap. The vocal clarity was really good, as well as the consistency of the coverage area. I was very impressed.”

ShowMatch arrays are rapidly becoming the system of choice and a smart business decision for leading rental and tour sound companies and live venues, based on their sound quality, compact size, selectable coverage pattern and scalability – allowing them to support a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications, including live concerts, festivals, corporate events, civic ceremonies, etc.

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