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Bose® Professional Offers a Host of Solutions to Fitness Facilities Nationwide

Framingham, Massachusetts – Fitness facilities of all types and sizes are attracting members not only by providing state-of-the-art exercise and training equipment, but also by creating an immersive experience or “club”-like atmosphere that offers more than just a workout. High-quality audio systems, in conjunction with upbeat music, keep members motivated, particularly when working out on cardio machines. Bose® Professional now offers a variety of audio solutions that benefit customers and fitness instructors alike.

For rooms where a “club” atmosphere is desired, the Bose RoomMatch® Utility RMU208 small-format sound-reinforcement loudspeaker provides high-quality foreground music for larger spaces. Bose PowerMatch® amplifiers have been specially engineered to work with the RMU208 to deliver concert-quality sound in a reliable and easy-to-install package. Facilities can also take their sound to the next level while creating a worry-free, “set and forget” system by utilizing a variety of custom audio settings that can be configured for the individual facility’s needs via the proprietary Bose ControlSpace® Designer™ software and digital signal processors. The RMU208 measures 9.3″ H x 27.0″ W x 10.5″ D, weighs 36 lbs. (42 lbs. with U-bracket for mounting flexibility) and is currently available in black.

For group fitness sessions such as yoga, spinning, or Zumba®, the Bose L1® Model II Portable Line Array system offers a portable-yet-powerful audio solution in an aesthetic, unobtrusive package. It provides crisp, clear sound for the class, while enabling the instructor, if wearing a wireless headset, to move about the room without fear of any audio feedback. Special line array audio technology offers even sound dispersion, so the L1 system can run at a lower volume behind the instructor, but still be heard in the rear of the room. For larger, higher energy classes, the L1 line array and its included subwoofer (either a B1 or B2 bass module) are powerful enough to accommodate groups of up to 500 people. Measuring 87.0″ high in the fully assembled position, the Bose L1 Model II system can fill the exercise room with spacious, immersive audio.

From kickboxing facilities to workout rooms, and even dance studios or aerobics classes, the Bose FreeSpace® DS 100SE is a high-performance, full-range loudspeaker, designed for foreground music and speech reproduction. Flexible hang options include surface or flush mount installation (horizontal or vertical), as well as a pendant mount configuration. A Bose FreeSpace DS 100SE loudspeaker measures 7.0″ H x 15.0″ W x 8.5″ D, weighs 14 lbs. and is available in black and white or can be painted to match any décor.

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