Bose® RoomMatch® Loudspeakers Chosen for Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, Ohio

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Framingham, MA – Recently, United Methodist congregation Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, Ohio, decided to do a major overhaul of its AV system, and church leadership turned to Columbus-based firm LIVE! Technologies for the full package – consulting, vending, installation and service. In performing between 150 and 200 installations a year, LIVE! Technologies has developed a strong relationship with Bose® Professional. For the Ginghamsburg Church installation, LIVE! spec’ed Bose RoomMatch® loudspeakers, powered by Bose PowerMatch® amplifiers, as a centerpiece of the new system. The main concern, according to Chris Benge, the church’s Technical & Sound Engineer, was finding even coverage for the whole space, with enhanced and consistent intelligibility. The space is relatively asymmetrical, so coverage needed a high level of directivity, which is exactly what the RoomMatch system offers. The RoomMatch product line ensures that audio distribution within the sanctuary is now the same for everyone, from the front row to the back of the balcony. The flexibility of the RoomMatch loudspeaker configurations, coupled with its ability to work well in both spoken word and live music applications, made it the right choice for Ginghamsburg Church. Bose personnel worked closely with LIVE! to demo and configure the system, specifically focusing on tuning the low end, as the church’s worship style involves contemporary styles of music and dance, and “getting the low frequency aligned can make a difference between a thud or click from a bass drum and a more musical percussive sound,” notes Dave Mead, LIVE! Technologies Founder and Strategic Sales executive. LIVE! designed and installed a system that included 12 RoomMatch loudspeakers as the mains, four RoomMatch RMS215 subwoofers (flown) and three RoomMatch RMS218 subs (below the stage), two RoomMatch Utility RMU208 loudspeakers as front fills, ten PowerMatch amplifiers with Dante™ cards and Bose ControlSpace® ESP-00 DSP with Dante card. Cody Ramey, LIVE!’s Account Executive for Ginghamsburg Church, stated, “There are so many different amp and cabinet configurations available with the Bose RoomMatch system that it is easy to create a specific system for this application. It was also appealing to us because of the excellent craftsmanship and reliability that the product line is known for.” Dave Mead points out how the installation followed a growing trend in AV integration: the implementation of Audinate®’s Dante protocol. He stated, “The entire system is run on Dante. They have their video production suite on the third floor of the building, so being able to do audio-over-IP was quite handy to get all the different locations we had in the room back to the console, and into the Bose ControlSpace processing. The Dante cards offered by Bose make that interoperability very straightforward.” Subsequently, Benge and the Ginghamsburg team have seen excellent results with the audio installation, a fact which he credits to the LIVE! team’s focused design process to fulfill Ginghamsburg’s requirements for the sanctuary. Benge noted, “We didn’t even start talking about what equipment we would put in; we talked about ‘what do I want it to do?’. LIVE! Technologies took it from there. We are very happy with the results.”