Bose® RoomMatch® System Chosen for Brentwood Academy’s Upper School Theatre in the Nashville Area

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School band director Matt Nygren states, “I’ve played on just about every kind of system that’s out there. This is the best-sounding system of all of them. It’s my favorite.”

Technical director/set designer Jan Urbanowicz adds, “The reaction from the parents and students has been amazing.”

Framingham, Massachusetts, May 5, 2015 – Since its opening in 1969, Brentwood Academy, an independent, co-educational college preparatory school located in the Brentwood suburb of Nashville, TN, has earned a strong reputation for its Fine Arts program, which includes the Academy Singers vocal ensemble, bands (groups include concert, jazz and contemporary, or rock), chorus, dance, forensics (competitive speech and debate), musicals and plays. The program often uses the Upper School Theatre, an approximately 350-seat venue that was recently upgraded with a RoomMatch® progressive directivity loudspeaker array driven by PowerMatch® configurable amplifiers from Bose® Professional. The Fine Arts program at Brentwood Academy is staffed by 19 full-time and part-time instructors, including technical director/set designer Jan Urbanowicz. DeWayne Rains, Vice President of Operations at Audio Electronics, Inc. in Nashville recalled “Jan really wanted a traditional line array system in the theater”. “I told him I really want you to consider the Bose RoomMatch system. You can do a smaller room like the theater and get concert array-quality sound without peeling people’s heads off.” DeWayne, Jan and Jed Rothenberg, the local area Bose rep, traveled to World Revival Church in Kansas City, MO, to experience that facility’s installed Bose RoomMatch system. DeWayne stated, “At World Revival you could really hear where the array coverage stopped on the sides, and how clearly they could ‘paint’ the audio on the floor and keep it off of the walls.” In the Brentwood Academy theater, the two arrays each comprise three modules. The top is an RM5510, the middle is an RM7020, and there is an RM12040 on the bottom. “We ran all of that off of two PowerMatch PM8500 amplifiers,” DeWayne added. The upgrades in the theater largely involved replacing the existing speakers and amplifiers with the new Bose RoomMatch/PowerMatch system. Audio Electronics also added a Compass Control Key Digital controller to manage the venue’s existing three projectors, video matrix and Apple TV devices. According to DeWayne, the faculty is very pleased with the results. “The arts program is very high end, and they wanted to emphasize that with this system. We were able to bring in a phenomenal, natural sound, with hardly any variation, front to back. It’s just a pure, natural, clean sound.” Jan Urbanowicz added, “The reaction from the parents and students has been amazing. I have worked with many different sound systems, big ones and small ones, but never heard sound so clear as we have it here.” The school’s band director Matt Nygren agrees: “I’ve been a professional trumpet player for 30 years and I’ve played on just about every kind of system that’s out there. This is the best-sounding system of all of them. It’s my favorite.” DeWayne added, “This was the third system we have installed at Brentwood Academy. We had already done the Athletic Building, which had an Event Gymnasium, a Wrestling Gymnasium, and a Dance/Cheer Practice Studio, all outfitted with different Bose loudspeakers and ControlSpace® networkable processors. Then we did the Upper School Gymnasium, which had a heavy AV component, with three projectors and screens, plus Bose components.” In the wrestling gym, installed components included suspended Bose FreeSpace® DS 100F speakers managed by a Bose ControlSpace DSP processor and CC-64 controller, Bose Panaray® 802 Series III and 402 Series II speakers, with a ControlSpace CC-64. In the dance/cheer studio, components included a pair of 402 Series II speakers with a single Bose MB4 subwoofer. The equipment list in the upper gymnasium included Bose Panaray 802 Series III and 402 Series II speakers with ControlSpace DSP and CC-64 controller.