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both Max and Zach are caught nike air max command

It is during one of these attempts that she meets Logan Cale (), the cyber-journalist “Eyes Only”. Cale allows her to escape from his apartment, however, since he is interested in learning more about her. Through the use of security footage he discovers who she is and invites Max to his apartment. It is there that he identifies her as one of the escaped X-5s air max 90. Max and Logan make a pact: he will help her find her missing siblings if she will help him solve mysteries. Logan also helps to protect Max from Lydecker, who is searching for her and the other escaped X-5s. Through their work together, Max and Logan eventually fall in love.

Their feelings for each other, however, become complicated when Max finds Zach, who is concerned with her loyalty to Logan as it may compromise her safety. Eventually, as more siblings are discovered, and after Manticore betrays the escaped X-5’s and murders one of them, , a plan is developed to attack Manticore, destroying its genetic engineering facility, one which eventually involves Lydecker who defects after he is betrayed and targeted for execution by Manticore’s director Dr. Elizabeth Renfro/Madame X (). While the mission is successful, both Max and Zach are caught nike air max command, with Max being critically injured (actually shot by a younger clone). Zach sacrifices himself to save Max.

MAX: “I know they made me air max 2010. Even got the designer label on the back of my neck to prove it.”LOGAN: “Technical term for you is .”MAX: “Yeah, made-up creature, like in mythology. Head of a lion, body of a goat. Your basic hot-as-hell hodge-podge.”

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Max and her X5 “brothers and sisters” were raised and trained by Colonel Donald Michael Lydecker () who also had a role in the components of their creation. He trained them to be soldiers using harsh and brutal techniques, described by Max later as torture. During their training, Max was the subject of at least one brutal medical experiment involving the re-healing of deliberately-shattered limbs. Max also was required to take part in an exercise involving the hunting down and killing of a prisoner, her reaction to which haunts her later.

As a result of her genetic makeup and training, Max has the following special abilities:

Lydecker disappears cheap air max shoes, leaving mysterious clues to Manticore’s origins. Max’s problems are further compounded when her kind is suddenly being hunted, and exterminated by Ames White. He is both a government agent, and a member of a breeding cult which spans back centuries into humanity’s past. He particularly targets Max, who is revealed to have been created for a special purpose by White’s father, Sandeman, the designer of all the Manticore transgenics. At the same time, Max tries to help Joshua, the gentle transhuman whose physical appearance makes him a target on the outside, avoid the increasing risk of exposure as a transgenic, and not re-infect Logan with the deadly virus while hoping for a long-shot at a cure. Max and Alec, despite their differences and rocky start, often worked together to help save their fellow escapees. Eventually, all the transgenics (in Seattle), make a stand in a joint effort to fight against the vicious prejudice trying to destroy them, and for a place to call their own.