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Brainstorm Introduces New CX-4 Word Clock Expander

Four Added Outputs for the DCD-8 Word Clock Distripalyzer.

Pictured is the new CX-4 Word Clock Expander for the DCD-8 Word Clock Distripalyzer.

Brainstorm, the world leader in synchronization solutions, is introducing at NAB the new CX-4 Word Clock Expander as an option for the company’s acclaimed DCD-8 Word Clock Distripalyzer. The CX-4 is an option card providing 4 additional Word Clock outputs through its 4 BNC connectors.

The CX-4 outputs are grouped in 2 pairs, identical to the last pair on the DCD-8, outputs 7 & 8, with the same reference and frequency. Also, termination is measured and displayed as with the other DCD-8 word clock outputs.

• Provides 4 additional Word Clock outputs to the DCD-8 for a total of 12
• References Internal Xtl, Video (HD & SD), WC, AES, S/PDIF, ADAT, GPS
• Operates at all standard frequencies up to 192K

Designed for operations ranging from audio recording studios to large post-production houses and major broadcast facilities, the DCD-8 offers the most comprehensive package for all clocking needs, providing versatility in the widest range of applications.

For installations requiring more than 8 word clock outputs, the CX-4 is a simple and inexpensive solution.

For more information visit Brainstorm’s distributor:
or phone 323.845.1171

See the Brainstorm DCD-8 / CX-4 at plus24 – NAB Booth # N2914
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