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Brazil’s Midas Studios is One of First to Install SSL Duality Δelta

“Duality brings new possibilities to control, improving my workflow and speeding up all aspects of recording and mixing”

SÃO PAULO – Rick Bonadio, the owner of Midas Studios in the hugely populous and culturally influential city of São Paulo, recently became one of the first studios to install Solid State Logic’s new Duality δelta console.  Being used for large-scale audio production in Studio 2, the Duality joins two other SSL consoles; an AWS 948 Analogue Workstation System and a classic 4048 G+ Special Edition. Midas is a big name in Brazil, having hosted album projects by many of the biggest Latin American artists, including the multi-platinum rock bands Mamonas Assassinas, Titãs, NX Zero and Charlie Brown Jr.; the pop singer Luiza Possi; the sertanejo duo Fernando e Sorocaba; the guitarist and songwriter Andreas Kisser; as well as the young musician and actor Mika Borges.

Bonadio, a long-time music executive with the Virgin Records and Universal Music labels as well as a producer, engineer and songwriter, uses the Duality for the recording and mix projects of his label, Midas Music, as well as for commercial purposes by all of the four-room facility’s clients. “I wanted to have another big SSL,” he says of the Duality, which replaced a console from another manufacturer. “I love the SSL sound: I have used the 4048 G+ for almost 20 years, so Duality was the logical option.”

Like many audio professionals, Bonadio is a fan of Duality’s innovative hybrid approach, combining a traditional analogue path and signal processing with exceptional DAW console and integration within a single hardware surface. Duality, he says, “brings new possibilities to control Pro Tools® and Logic Pro, improving my workflow and speeding up all aspects of recording and mixing.

“The way it connects with the computer, and having all the knobs and transport functions close at hand, allows me to focus on the sound,” Bonadio continues. “I don’t have to keep going from console to computer anymore, I can do it all from the sweet spot. It makes the workflow faster, and always with great sound transparency.

With this flexibility, and Duality’s great sound, the console has made my life even happier.”

The Duality, Bonadio adds, “is incredibly clear. My music sounds very detailed, without any unwanted color.” Previously recorded tracks, he said, sound exactly as they were recorded when playing through the Duality. “There is plenty of space for every instrument and frequency.” Client reaction to the installation, he adds, has been nothing short of amazing. “Everyone,” he concludes, “wants to record and mix on the Duality.”

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