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Brian Marquis Picks TELEFUNKEN for Van’s Warped Tour

M80 Dynamic Mics for the Acoustic Basement Stage

Pictured with a Telefunken M80 dynamic mic is performer and Van's Warped Tour producer Brian Marquis. Photo by Dani Fresh.

LA-based producer/recording artist Brian Marquis has chosen TELEFUNKEN’s M80 dynamic microphone for the Acoustic Basement Stage on the Van’s Warped Tour. With more than 100 bands and artists, and stops all over the US and Canada, the Van’s Tour celebrates music from Alaska to Florida, from California to New York, culminating in the final show in Denver, CO on August 3.

“I produce the stage, book all the artists, coordinate with our sponsor, stage manage while out on the road, and also perform each day,” explains Brian Marquis. “My Full Sail University intern turned me on to Telefunken, and our FOH provided by Rat Sound takes care of all our live sound applications on the tour.”

The Acoustic Basement Stage is a venue on the tour where musicians and singer/songwriters play stripped down acoustic sets in the shade of a large 40×30 tent stage. Last year, acts included Yellowcard, Anti-flag, Sleeping with Sirens, and Chuck Ragan, among numerous other breakout artists.

“The M80 captures all the character and subtlety in my vocals that usually gets lost with other live vocal mics,” remarked Marquis. “It captures vocals so clearly that it really gives confidence to the artists on stage. The M80 is very detailed, clear, and full-bodied, and cuts through the clamor and noise of an outdoor festival. It’s a great mic – period.”

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