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British Audio Engineering Introduces 10DC Compressor/Limiter at AES in NYC

Hand-Built Fully Class A Product is Unique in Today’s Audio Marketplace

Pictured are two rack-mounted 10DC compressor/limiters from British Audio Engineering.

British Audio Engineering (BAE) is debuting at AES its newest product, the 10DC compressor/limiter, a complement to the company’s line of Class A series outboard gear. The product launch will be at 11:00 AM on Friday, October 21, Booth #246. BAE is known worldwide for its flagship line of classic 1073 microphone pre-amps, faithful to the original Class A discrete audio circuit designs of the 1960s and ’70s.

“Our customers have been waiting three years for our Class A compressor/limiter, a desirable complement to our line of 1073 and other mic-pre’s,” explained BAE’s CEO Mark Loughman. “It took a while because of our search for the right parts and the solid

hand-built manufacturing required.”

Fully Class A, The 10DC features a transformer coupled, all-discrete circuitry that is sonically familiar to the BAE Class A line of gear, ideal for achieving the classic analogue sound favorable in today’s digital recording. Stepped Elma switches for every control, a reverse analogue meter, and the trademark Marconi knobs facilitate ease of use and repeatability. Independent circuitry for compressor and limiter allows use of one or both for greater control. Also featured is a true bypass that is stereo-linkable. The new BAE 10DC is handsomely housed in a steel chassis using the same remote supply as other BAE units.
Price to be announced at AES.

Experience the entire line of BAE products at AES in NYC, Booth #246.
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About BAE
BAE (British Audio Engineering; formerly Brent Averill Enterprises) manufactures high-end microphone pre-amplifiers, equalizers, and compressors. Faithful to the designs and fabrication of vintage gear from the 60s and 70s, BAE uses the highest quality components from the original suppliers, such as Carnhill (previously St. Ives) and Jensen. All BAE products are entirely hand-wired and soldered using discrete electronics with no circuit boards. All products come with a full 1-year warranty, with a 5-year option.