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Long gone are the days of stringy hair, shirts, and slouchy chain smoke. Today, Marc Jacobs is about precision said. Broadcast Hours precise and chiseled muscles and if you thought you were hyper-linear Factory Girl Collection in New York or perfectly round spots with his Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is sufficiently cleaned, think again. 10-now this morning (much to the dismay of publishers at the end of the Cour Carree du angry clopping Louvre), Cheap Authentic Louis Vuitton spring collection graphic Jacobs Louis Vuitton, also held in strict form. Other end of the room was a four escalators down the track defined by the solid yellow plaid. Pristine of time.

Two by two cameras models down the escalator and take a long, slow journey up against the wall of photographers ever breaking into a sashay or drifting the least of their match. Clothes followed, most silhouettes elongated diamond pattern using the yellow yolk, a variety of beige, black or chartreuse green. Transparent pockets cut into squares appeared completely. "Only a deviation from the right path" after the show says, "is a curved blade." Some metal surfaces shone with the brilliance of thousands of tiny sequins, "the smallest ever made", while the carpet tufting technology created (tufting) is known to embellish a little different. Esophageal more rigid rules for abstract floral pattern cam free splashed across the dress, a little nature in the urban jungle., But it is not arrogant or humorous pieces Jacobs fans and customers have come to expect,Louis Vuitton Women's Handbags but harkening back to the more innocent, vaguely team of 60, the age band and matching hats mini skirts. Indeed, these mini-skirts, pleated some shortness of breath compete with other power LVMH, Dior. Not like you would your lady of Brazil on a weekly basis anyway.

At the same time the system Jacobs in the house is a well-oiled machine, literally like last season's steam train, which runs on the track position. This season, the inspiration cam French artist Daniel Buren and Les Deux Plateaux, a large-scale installation of bilevel devices off the columns in the yard Palais Royal, just steps away from the concert hall. Louis Vuitton Damier pattern occurs in a mottled appearance of the work created Buren. Louis Vuitton Handbags UK He passed the Jacob extreme stripping. Monogram was not so fortunate, for the first time, it is not a collection of Vuitton. Like nearly all the other designers this season seems to Jacobs was bitten by a bug reductivist.