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CAD Headphone Kiosks Promote Category And Build Retail Sales

CAD has placed active headphone kiosks with leading music and pro audio retailers to promote the category and build sales.

Solon, OH––CAD Audio has created and deployed active headphone kiosks to help music and pro audio retailers promote the category and build sales.

Each kiosk includes two CAD HA4 4-channel stereo headphone amps with 100mw output to power up to eight sets of headphones including the CAD MH100, MH110, MH210, MH320 and popular MH510 Sessions models.

An open bay allows customers to plug phones and other mobile devices with a 3.5mm jack into the display to audition each model. Dealers are encouraged to locate the kiosks near walls of headphone displays from CAD and other brands.

CAD’s popular MH510 headphones produce a wide frequency response with extended lows, smooth mids and articulate highs for the most accurate and natural reproduction possible. The MH510 features high SPL capability and the robust design provides exceptional isolation for a private listening experience while virtually eliminating bleed through into the playback environment.

Commenting on the displays, CAD VP of Business Development Glenn Roop said, “We’re committed to help dealers tap into the $3 billion headphone market with point of purchase displays like these kiosks and a variety models that offer customers the latest technology and a high quality listening experience.”

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