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CAD Mics Used For Launchpad ’10 Competition

Every year, Wisconsin has a statewide alternative music competition for bands outside of the traditional classroom ensembles called Launchpad. High school students get the opportunity to vie for a professional TV spot and live appearance at Summerfest, the city’s large outdoor summer festival.

Dustin Boyle, producer, engineer and owner of Pop Sensation Productions in Madison, Wisconsin worked with one of the contestants to produce a six song CD with an array of professional equipment including CAD microphones.
Asked to describe his experience with the CAD mics, Boyle explained, “We set up a variety of CAD mics in a line and tried them one by one before choosing the Trion 6000 multi-pattern condenser mic and GXL2200 cardioid condenser for vocals. We couldn’t decide which one we liked better, so we ended up using them both together and it sounded amazing!�
In addition to the CAD microphones, Boyle’s studio lineup includes Adam

Audio A7 studio monitors w/ Adam Sub8 subwoofer, and Alesis Quadraverb 2, Apple G5 w/ 4 gigs of RAM, a Bellari RP220 dual channel tube pre amp, Denon CDR532 CD Player/Burner combo deck, Digidesign 003+ running ProTools LE 8 a Digidesign Eleven Rack and Command 8, along with an Electrix Warp Factory vocoder, Presonus DigiMax 96K 8 channel pre amp and Presonus Central Station monitor controller.
“We were floored by the quality of the two mics,� Dustin concluded, “especially when we paired them together for one track. The vocal performances stood out and shined and the result was exactly what we were looking for. Incredibly natural and lifelike, as if they were standing right inside the control room, singing to us.�
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