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Cakewalk® Offers Free Demo of Rapture Pro

—Discover the First Cross-Platform Performance Synth to Combine Oscillator and Sample-Based Synthesis—

Boston, MA (August 17, 2015) – Cakewalk, dedicated to powerful and thoughtfully designed software for modern musicians, now offers a free demo of Rapture Pro—Cakewalk’s latest virtual instrument for Mac and Windows.

Available for download from the Cakewalk website,, the demo version incorporates all available features along with a select library of sounds from the paid version’s 10GB of content (Demo limitations include random silences, along with an initial display indicating Rapture is in demo mode).

Rapture Pro not only bridges the gap between live performance spontaneity and impressive studio sounds, but spans the range from the organic qualities of traditional synthesis and sampling to extensive step-sequencing and modulation capabilities that excel for EDM and hip-hop. Based on Cakewalk’s award-winning Rapture and Dimension Pro, Rapture Pro combines the best of both into a unified, cutting-edge instrument that transports both synthesis and sampling to new—and original—sonic frontiers.


To download Rapture Pro for free, please visit

Rapture Pro is available for purchase globally through music and sound retailers, Valve’s Steam Store, and the Cakewalk Store. Please visit for complete version details and localized pricing/availability options from our distribution partners.

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