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Hollywood, CA – February 23, 2010… Housed at the iconic Capitol Records building in Los Angeles, Capitol Mastering is home to many of the music industry’s most cherished recordings. With its air-gap separated inner walls and floating floor that ensures superior acoustic isolation, combined with its legendary, Les Paul designed subterranean echo chambers and state-of-the-art equipment throughout, Capitol Studios & Mastering is world-class in every aspect. What many recording professionals don’t realize is that this extraordinary facility is open to projects from all segments of the industry—not just those artists/acts signed to the Capitol Records label. This is precisely why industry veteran Paul Palmer, who oversees A&R and mixing for the RMR Music Group, a new record label, production, and publishing company, chooses Capitol Mastering for his projects.

With over 20 gold and platinum certified albums plus 17 top five singles, including 10 number ones during his career, Palmer has a most enviable track record. He has worked with Grammy® winning producers, writers, and artists including No Doubt and Bush, and his RMR Music Group continues to reap success. The label’s first signing was the Sick Puppies, who recently released their second album, Tri-Polar, which has given the group their first number #1 active rock single, “You’re Going Down� and a top ten Alternative hit. Other successes for the RMR/Rock Mafia Production team include the writing, producing, and mixing of several Miley Cyrus singles and albums, tracks for David Archuleta, Selena Gomez, the Cheetah Girls, and Vanessa Hudgens—to name but a few.

With a track record like this, it’s safe to say Palmer knows what to look for in a mastering facility, and it begins with the talent behind the console. At Capitol Mastering, that’s Robert Vosgien, one of the facility’s four mastering engineers.

Since starting at Capitol in the mid 1980’s, Vosgien has mastered many of the finest artists in the business. By reviewing his discography, it becomes very clear he is one of the most versatile mastering engineers in the business today. Vosgien has placed his stamp on some of the biggest hits in popular music, including Chris Botti, OK GO, The Goo Goo Dolls, James Taylor, Green Day, The Wallflowers, Fourplay, Bush, the Sick Puppies, Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and the 23 million units sold hit “Tragic Kingdom” by No Doubt.

Palmer and Vosgien have worked together for 15 years and have developed a special working chemistry. According to Vosgien, “I’d say over 90% of the time, Paul and I are pretty much on the same page as to what the mix does or doesn’t need— without even saying anything to each other.� That sort of intuitive working relationship goes a long way when mastering a record, but there are, of course, additional considerations.

From a facilities perspective, Capitol Mastering offers the finest assortment of equipment. In Vosgien’s mastering suite, for example, clients gain access to the finest mix of vintage and contemporary audio processing tools to bring out the absolute best in one’s stereo or surround projects.

Virtually all of Vosgien’s gear has been modified to provide the purest signal path possible. His EQ array includes two sets of the classic Neve 2087(1081) units and a rare, first-generation Sontec MES-430B mastering EQ, along with the ‘new’ classic Tube Tech EQ 1AM mastering EQ. Vosgien also uses Manley Labs’ Variable Mu Limiter/Compressor along with the Alan Smart C2 compressor. For digital processing, there’s access to TC Electronic’s M6000, a Junger Accent, L2 limiter, and a large selection of plug-ins on his Steinberg WaveLab and Sonic Solutions DAW’s.

As one would expect, Robert also has access to Capitol’s treasured echo chambers—generally regarded as the world’s best sounding and used on countless classic albums. Equally significant, Vosgien’s mastering suite and the main monitors found there were designed by George Ausberger.

In addition to Vosgien’s talents and access to the world’s finest assortment of audio equipment, customer service is critical and, here too, Capitol excels. Palmer sums up his experience at Capitol Mastering and his reasons for continuing to book the facility. “I have a very busy schedule,� says Palmer. “Many times, I need Robert on a moment’s notice, and the Capitol Mastering staff will move mountains to make it happen for me. The records sound great on the radio, and this is essential. Robert is very easy to work with and he doesn’t have an agenda or a ‘know it all’ attitude. The records Robert has mastered for me have sold more than 33 million copies worldwide. Capitol Mastering provides me with great sound, great service, and a skilled staff. What more could you possibly want?�

For additional information, visit Capitol Mastering online at or contact Matt Graber, Supervisor, at (323) 871-5003.

About Capitol Studios & Mastering
Capitol Studios and Mastering is a world-class audio facility located in the heart of the iconic Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, CA. Pioneers in audio recording, mixing, mastering, and restoration, Capitol Engineers have helped craft some of the most famous albums of all time. With over fifty years of tradition steeped in audio excellence, the company remains the trusted name in fidelity and service. Visit Capitol Studios and Mastering online at


Photo info: Image of Robert Vosgien and Paul Palmer (left-right).