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*** Adriana Kelder, Producer for the Caravan Stage Company ***
Charlotte, NC – Based in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, the Caravan Stage Company is a theatrical troupe that operates tours in Canada, the United States, and internationally throughout England, Europe, and the Mediterranean. While this in and of itself might not be particularly unique, the fact that this group does all of this aboard a custom built, flat keeled vessel is. Not only does the production crew and all the actors and actresses reside aboard the vessel, it also serves as their performance venue. And to ensure the most robust connectivity for the audio and lighting considerations that encompass today’s theatrical presentations, the Caravan Stage Company looks to Neutrik for all its connectivity requirements.

The Caravan Stage Company makes scheduled stops at marinas and waterfront locations, and it is here where the shows take place. The company’s theatrical offerings are multimedia extravaganzas where actors and actresses fly through the rigging of the vessel’s 90- and 58-foot masts to original music scores and lyrics—all while bathed in a mesmerizing display of lighting and designs that are projected onto the sails and other backdrops.

Being a marine vessel, the necessity for tight, secure, and robust connectivity for all audiovisual aspects of the Caravan Stage Company’s performances is critical. With that in mind, the company relies on a sizeable number of products from the Neutrik catalog. These products include a wide range of XLR audio connectors and adapters, speakON® loudspeaker connectors, and a variety of powerCON® connectors, which can be used for both video and lighting applications.

Adriana Kelder, Producer for the Caravan Stage Company, commented on the company’s use of Neutrik connectivity products, “As you can imagine, the fact that our shows take place aboard a boat presents a unique set of technical challenges. Being constantly in a marine environment, we must take extra precautions to ensure the integrity of all our audio, video, and lighting requirements, because of factors such as moisture and the salt air. These and other challenges require extraordinary measures to ensure consistent and safe operation of our equipment. Using Neutrik connectors, we custom build a high percentage of our cables in order to create the best possible technical ‘infrastructure’ aboard our ship. I’m pleased to say that with Neutrik, we have a very high level of confidence in the reliability and performance of all our equipment.”

Over the past two years, the Caravan Stage Company has toured through nineteen nations on the European continent—performing for enthralled audiences who take in the performances along the various parks, waterfronts, harbors, and ports. The productions are free to the audiences, as the company contracts directly with the various marinas and municipalities where they perform.

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