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Carl Tatz Design Hosts Blackbird Academy Event at The Blue Grotto

– Carl Tatz, the 2014 TEC Award-winning studio designer and creator of the acclaimed PhantomFocus™ System, gives a studio monitoring tutorial for Blackbird Academy students at Sean and
Anelda Spence’s Blue Grotto Sound –

Nashville, TN: Recently, students of Nashville’s prestigious Blackbird Academy (along with Instructor and Co-Director of Education Mark Rubel) attended an exclusive event at Blue Grotto Sound focusing on studio monitoring hosted by Carl Tatz of Carl Tatz Design LLC, the TEC Award-winning studio designer and monitoring visionary and creator of the acclaimed PhantomFocus™ System (PFS™).

The event was split into two segments, the first being a lecture demonstrating little known problems and solutions of studio near-field monitoring, and the second for the attendees to personally experience Carl Tatz Design’s PhantomFocus System in the Blue Grotto control room.

The two segments were carefully coordinated into multiple small groups so that each of the students would have an ample amount of time to be exposed to the PhantomFocus System. Rubel comments, “Carl gave an interesting and in-depth presentation on a variety of acoustical design topics relative to studio monitoring, followed by the opportunity for the students to bask in the brilliant sound of the PhantomFocus System in the Blue Grotto control room. They talked about it for days after. Thank you Carl!”

“It’s very gratifying to be able to share this unique experienced-based knowledge with the students who can put some of its elements to use, with or without the PFS,” comments Tatz. “Mark Rubel is a born teacher, and his knowledge of music, paired with his recording chops and overall passion for his job, makes him the type of instructor that can change a receptive student’s life. He knew instantly upon hearing the PFS that the Blackbird Academy students needed to experience this unprecedented mix tool for themselves in person, because words in a classroom could never begin to give the full picture.”

States Blackbird Academy student Brandon Schnierer, “Carl’s brilliantly simple explanation of his PhantomFocus System makes sense on paper, but the proof is in your ears: articulate, extended and balanced. The PhantomFocus System is like prescription lenses for your ears.”

As well, artist/producer and engineering student Jeff Todd (who also performs as rock artist Meadows Fortune) explains, “The PhantomFocus System is easily the best listening experience that I have had in any control room. The stereo imaging is phenomenal, and it honestly feels like a live band is at your fingertips! It brings music back to life.”