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Carl Tatz Interviewed on Recording Studio Rockstars Podcast

Nashville, TN: Recently, Carl Tatz, the TEC Award-Winning studio designer and creator of the new line of PhantomFocus™ System (PFS) Ultra High-Definition Precision Monitoring Instruments, sat down to share his professional insights with Lij Shaw for the latter’s Recording Studio Rockstars podcast. This was a rare opportunity to listen to an engaging interview by recording studio insider Shaw, whose probing questions unmask some of the mechanics behind Tatz’s work

Click HERE to listen to the Recording Studio Rockstars Carl Tatz interview with Lij Shaw.

Tatz notes, “I am very impressed with Lij’s level of professionalism and attention to detail in his great Recording Studio Rockstars podcast series. It was frankly beyond my expectations. He really did his homework before he conducted the interview, preparing him to ask probing questions that enabled my answers to provide the most value to his large and growing audience. Lij is definitely ready to rock and a rock star himself in my estimation.”