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Cee-Lo “Gnarls Barkley” Green Chooses TELEFUNKEN USA

Graham Marsh Records the New Solo Album

Pictured with the new TELEFUNKEN USA Ela M250 tube microphone is Cee-Lo Green and engineer Graham Marsh. Photo by Samuel Thomas.

Hip Hop-Funk-Soul-R&B star Cee-Lo Green is recording his forthcoming solo album in Miami with recording engineer/mixer Graham Marsh. For vocals, Green is exclusively using the new TELEFUNKEN USA Ela M 250, faithful reproduction of the classic microphone originally marketed in 1959. The first single from the Atlantic Records album is due out this Summer.

“Cee-Lo truly has a unique voice, the closest we have today to an Otis Redding or a Marvin Gaye,” says engineer/mixer Graham Marsh. “He is a true soul singer, but he can get a bit nasally at times, which is his trademark. I used to work on that in the box because the 2K material can be sonically harsh at times, but the new Ela M250 takes it and rounds it off, softens it up just right.”

Marsh is known for his work with such artists as Natalie Cole and Lionel Richie, and as producer of tracks for Leona Lewis, Novel, and Ludacris. He also recorded and co-mixed “The Odd Couple” by Gnarls Barkley (Dangermouse and Cee-Lo).

“Cee-Lo sings with a lot of dynamic range,” Marsh conttinues. “He sings softly one moment and then really belts it out. The 250 stood up to that like the Great Wall of China. When he heard his voice with this mic he immediately knew it was the right microphone. Cee-Lo has great mic technique and knows exactly where he needs to be to get the sound he wants.”

Marsh explained that he uses a John Hardy M-1 microphone pre-amp and a Universal Audio 1176 compressor/limiter with the Ela M250. He sometimes utilizes Manley EQ to “boost a little bit of the 8 to 10K range, just to give it a little airiness.”

Originally sold in 1959 by Telefunken of Germany, the new Ela M 250 is a two-pattern (cardioid and omni) version of the famous Ela M251, and shares the same sonic performance and circuitry as one of the most sought after of vintage tube microphones. The TELEFUNKEN USA Ela M 250 comes complete with a new CK12 dual membrane capsule, custom wound Haufe transformer, vintage style power supply, 10 meter Gotham Audio cable, locking leather bound flight case, wooden microphone box, owner manual, and a fully transferable lifetime warranty.

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