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CELINE 09 gorgeous flower handbag

Celine 09 spring and summer series ” Tribal ‘ tropolis ” style, which is also reflected in its seasonal accessories. ” Tribal ” urban design concept, design, metal materials, glass and other industrial materials glial very modern, but also reflects the corresponding technical content. Create a strong impression of the dress Celine Bags.

Each section of it bag is a luxury brand when the season series the most read items, following last year’s thigh Watch after Me, CELINE in the spring and summer of 09 launched Blossom Bag once again become the wonderful season of the most attractive flowers. Blossom ( flowers ), designers use such an abstract and beautiful state to describe this handbag, not on the bag straightforward to show flower pattern or shape, after all that forms in the summer can be found everywhere, but the flowers blooming in the process of the vitality and the changing beauty through the design language artfully express Celine Handbags 2012.

Couture SPortswear brand essence on the Blossom series reflected very perfect, is also in line with the present pragmatic trend. Handbags from each perspective has smooth lines, with formal or casual clothes are very suitable, has a unique natural and elegant temperament Celine Outlet.