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Celine in the fall and winter of this year launched a new DIMITRI series

Celine has a unique way to create the tassel have a style of one’s own feelings, reflect the elegant and full of modern sense of Paris fashion. Exquisite tassels decorate in detail shows the Celine feminine temperament and original spirit, classics and leading the trend, a perfect interpretation of modern urban women contradiction and multi-layered personality Celine Bags.

Celine in the fall and winter of this year launched a new DIMITRI series, handbags each on both sides of the tassels to additional striking, with high degree of recognition. DIMITRI represents a bold, calm, relaxed attitude, portable, practical, and stylish. Full flow dynamic fringe with different color leather woven edge, and a thin and soft leather bag body reflects Celine Handbags 2012 exquisite workmanship. By the unique resin made of stone hasp is the punchline, unforgettable.

DIMITRI shoes series also inherits the tassel fashion charm, made of soft suede, at the ankle cuff and adorned with tassels, and DIMITRI handbags form similar style, the brightness is shown between the low-key luxury Celine Outlet.