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CELINE first produced handbags

Since 60 time, the development of CELINE comprehensive full expansion, promote more of a pioneer in the field of spirit. 1962 to 1963 years, Celine Bags in full swing in women’s offensive. In every woman’s wardrobe, a pair of CELINE moccasins are essential.

In 1966, CELINE first produced handbags. Etrier, Sacoche and Poney quickly became the most popular products, known as the ” fashion followers ” items. In 1967 the concept of fashion clothing to make major changes have taken place, therefore, Celine Handbags 2012 Vipiana decided to make CELINE fashion, named them ” Couture Sportswear “.

This is a first of its kind new name. Celine Outlet is also the experience of the second turning point, since then, the CELINE has become a comprehensive luxury brand.