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CELINE is a relatively young brand

Celine Bags is a relatively young brand, so far, about 60 years of history, now belong to the LVHM group member. Although the history is not long, but C éline CELINE has actually been very focused on female field. Begin from 1959, female is Cé line CELINE ‘s main project.

As a French brand, Celine Handbags 2012 with a French luxury goods industry consistently with the exquisite, fashion style. Take the main route is elegant, but the elegant and won’t let you feel too loaded, elegant and very free and easy. Celine Resort 2013 ‘s style is concise and lively, although there are some large birds use, but it never feel abrupt.
Even ordinary people wear is completely under here, just need a little figure slightly tall, wear is very stylish.

Celine Outletbag seems to see only the two, about two folding bag appears relatively high frequency. But did not see the front before, can only guess that it is designed to be natural folding — Celine is really not too unusual way to go.