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Celine2010 autumn ladies trend analysis

Camel jacket, tuxedo jacket, High Waist Wide Leg Pants, silk blouse, T-shirt, with cortical silver boots and sandals, Celine this year autumn clothing series and it was too much like the spring series. In the last quarter of successful revival of rational Celine Bags classic day attire, designer Philo this season with her simple and sexy dress up strong regression, women in the current economic situation is pent-up buying impulse, Philo of this series will this continue to buy values maintained.

In accordance with the designer ‘s own words, ” a strong, powerful and simple ” thin, navy-blue funnel collar jacket and skirt, slender and ankle pants, skirt, the word A cream silk shirt, with black silk stockings high-heeled sandals, boots or perspective, all the plastic do net profit fell, without a complicated or dramatic, exaggerated, only the overall sense, concise and absolutely confident authority sculpt. Philo the brightest point lies in her to a new way of demonstrating “luxury”, in the current economic situation has become almost opposite concept. She skillfully in the series used in leather, dress or coat edge plus black smooth leather collar and cuffs, Celine Handbags 2012 pocket.

Philo Celine Outlet offers a variety of different coat surprising, from fashion and casual navy blue cap and coat Parka mixture, a three fourths length jacket, to glamorous cream wool cloak. As the night dress, she retains the practical sense of design, without any exposure to the elements, there is no too conspicuous design, but each modeling quietly exudes a kind of mature female peculiar confident sexy. This unassuming sexy is since the designer HelmutLang left everyone waiting for, in fact, the choice of Philo in HelmutLang a final show place to publish their own this series is not a coincidence, in this place, she took the baton from Helmut.