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CEntrance Announces DACport USB Headphone Amp

DACport USB Headphone Amp from CEntrance

Audiophile USB DAC Raises the Bar on Portable Sound Quality

CES Las Vegas – January 7, 2010 – CEntrance, Inc., a leading audio design firm and manufacturer of the hit USB preamps, MicPort(tm) Pro and AxePort(tm) Pro today announced a new hardware product: the DACport(tm) USB Headphone Amplifier, featuring a reference-quality audio signal path. Compatible with both Windows and Mac, DACport is available now directly from CEntrance for $500US (

DACport is an audiophile-quality, stereo 24-bit / 96kHz Digital-to-Analog converter (DAC) with exceptional jitter management, resulting in extreme clarity and revealing musical detail. Its professional 1/4″ output offers the highest quality headphone connection, while the unit also comes with an adaptor for 1/4″ to mini 1/8″ stereo for other headphone connections. Featuring CEntrance-designed AdaptiWave(tm) USB technology and innovative JitterGuard(tm) clock management system to offer the highest quality analog audio along with super-clean dual power supplies and an

audiophile headphone amplifier, the DACport redefines the category of portable headphone amplifiers.

Audiophiles and audio professionals can now listen to high-resolution files anywhere – at a coffee shop, at work, or on a trip. Traveling musicians and audio engineers can now carry a mixing/mastering suite inside a laptop bag. Coupled with professional headphones, DACport offers a mastering studio-quality monitoring system in a cigar-shaped, portable chassis.

DACport is compatible with any Windows, Mac or Linux computer and draws power straight from the USB jack. The DACport connects to the computer without special software drivers – offering driverless USB performance up to 24-bit / 96kHz, plug ‘n play operation, analog volume knob, and Class A headphone amp, DACport packs a lot of features into its anodized aluminum tube, setting new standards in portability, convenience and sound quality.

“With enough headroom to drive high impedance headphones, DACport will breathe new life into any music listening experience,” notes Michael Goodman, Managing Director of CEntrance. “Using DACport, listeners will rediscover a greater detail in high-resolution files as well as compressed MP3 and AAC files. It’s intuitive and easy to use – it’s USB audio done right.”

DACport ships with a handy belt clip, 6 foot USB cable, and a velvet carrying pouch. For ASIO/GSIF compatibility, download the CEntrance Universal Driver(tm). For more information or to purchase DACport, visit

Other USB audio products from CEntrance include, MicPort Pro a Micro USB Mic Preamp that converts any XLR microphone into a USB microphone and features 24-bit/96kHz performance, studio-quality A/D conversion, 48V phantom power and zero latency monitoring. The AxePort Pro is a Micro USB Recording Interface that connects any guitar or bass with a pickup to the computer with 24-bit/96kHz performance, studio-quality A/D conversion, Hi-Z input and zero-latency monitoring. For more information on what MusicTech Magazine describes as, “Easily the best USB recording solution we have seen to date.” visit and

About CEntrance, Inc.
Founded in 2000, CEntrance develops and licenses differentiated audio and entertainment products. CEntrance is known for its co-development work with industry leaders such as Alesis, Benchmark, Line 6, and Zoom. Our customer-focused approach blends product strategy, innovation, and operational efficiency. CEntrance is headquartered in Chicago and distributes its products worldwide. For more information, visit or call +1 (847) 581-0500.

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