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CEntrance Releases World’s Smallest 24-bit, 96kHz USB DAC

DACport LX Packs Big Audiophile Performance into a Tiny Tube

The New DACport LX 24-bit 96kHz USB converter

Chicago, ILJuly 12th, 2011CEntrance, Inc. announced today that the world’s smallest, 24-bit, 96kHz USB DAC just got more flexible. The new product called DACport LX(tm) follows the legacy of the company’s award-winning DACport(tm), a Stereophile Magazine recommended audiophile component. “I wholeheartedly recommend DACport: a great-sounding product at a great price!” wrote John Atkinson in his Stereophile review. The new DACport LX is a fixed-level version of the DACport, featuring a line output and no headphone amplifier. It’s perfect for connecting a computer or a music server to a stereo system, easily and without taking up precious space. DACport LX features bit-perfect 24/96 audio and does not require custom drivers. It takes its power from USB and is instantly compatible with MacOS, iOS, Windows and Linux. DACport LX is available now with suggested retail price of $349.95 US.

Michael Goodman, Managing Director of CEntrance said: “DACport LX is ideal for those customers who just need an easy way to connect a computer to the stereo system with highest quality. Professional Mastering Engineers already rave about our DAC products and with DACport LX we open up the range of connection possibilities even further, making our compact USB DAC solution even more flexible.”

CEntrance is a boutique design agency and manufacturer of the recently released DACmini CX(tm) – an audiophile-quality headphone amp and digital audio converter – along with USB converters DACport, MicPort Pro(tm) and AxePort Pro(tm). The company brings over 10-years of professional audio sensibility to the home Hi-Fi environment, creating a new category of ‘Pro-Audiophile’ products, such as DACport LX.

The recently released DACmini CX is a compact 192kHz 24-bit Digital to Analog Converter and Class A Headphone Amplifier. It’s a DAC and Headphone Amp with multiple I/O options including: USB, optical, Coax S/PDIF, analog input and output, and a front-mounted 1/4-inch connector for professional headphones. DACmini’s stylish form-factor matches the classic Apple “Mac mini” computer footprint, creating a perfect platform for an audiophile-level music server. DACmini CX excels at Professional and Home Audio applications alike.

CEntrance is expanding its dealer network in the Pro/MI and AV industry segments. To inquire about becoming a dealer, please call +1 (847) 581-0500 or e-mail us at [email protected].

About CEntrance, Inc.
Founded in 2000, CEntrance develops innovative audio entertainment products. CEntrance is known for its co-development work with industry leaders such as Gibson, Benchmark, PS Audio, KORG, and Line 6. Our customer-focused approach blends product strategy, innovation, and operational efficiency. CEntrance is headquartered in Chicago and distributes its products worldwide. Key products include DACmini, MicPort Pro, AxePort Pro, and DACport, which offer portable, professional recording and playback quality, earning enthusiastic endorsements from artists such as Harry Shearer, Nathan East, Frank Serafine and Will Lee, and mastering engineers Bob Katz, Brian Gardner, Michael Romanowski and Mike Wells, among other music industry professionals.

For more information, visit or call +1 (847) 581-0500.

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