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**** Photo: Chandler Limited’s new website homepage ****
Sell Rock, IA – January 2013 … Chandler Limited, recognized globally for signal processing and related music and audio products that deliver the classic analog warmth recording and performing professional musicians seek, is pleased to announce the debut of the company’s new website. Designed to be informative, easy to navigate, visually compelling, and geared toward helping site visitors find the information they seek, the new website is a reflection of Chandler Limited’s commitment to enhancing all aspects of the customer experience.

The new website goes a long way toward further establishing Chandler Limited as the preeminent manufacturer of signal processing equipment, mixers, and amplifiers. Of particular note to all who visit the company online, the new site makes extensive use of videos. Recognizing that static images can only convey so much information, there are now videos for the entire product line—all of which are geared to help prospective customers get a basic idea of the sound and functionality of each product.

Equally compelling is the addition of information that covers those well-known artists and producers who use Chandler Limited products. This section enables the prospective customer to discover, for example, that Adele’s Grammy® winning song ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ was mixed through the company’s Mini Mixer while her #1 single ‘Rolling in the Deep’ was mixed through the Curve Bender, or that Green Day used the Chandler Limited TG Channel, TG2, and Little Devil guitar pedal on one of their recent records. These materials are intended to help customers get a clear idea as to how the company’s various products may benefit their own musical endeavors.

Chandler Limited owner and chief product designer Wade Goeke commented on the company’s new website, “The ability to access information quickly and easily is a key attribute of our new website. The site has been Google search engine optimized—enabling Chandler Limited to appear higher and more prominently in search queries, which we expect will help drive more traffic our way. Further, I genuinely believe the extensive use of video content will be a particularly useful feature for customers. Now, in addition to product shots, visitors can view material that shows how the product might be used in a particular application and, in the process, get a far more accurate ‘feel’ for how that product might benefit their own projects. With a design that is more streamlined, better organized, and easier to navigate, I’m confident our customers will find themselves better positioned to make an informed purchase decision.”

About Chandler Limited
Headquartered in Shell Rock, Iowa, Chandler Limited, Inc. is a boutique manufacturer of high-end signal processors, mixers, and amplifiers for musicians and audio professionals. Recognized globally for its exquisitely handmade products and the company’s high profile clientele, Chandler’s product offerings include the Abbey Road/TG line, its unique Germanium transistor series of products, the 500 Series Modules, plus its recently introduced guitar pedals and amplifier. For additional information about all Chandler Limited products, please visit the company online at