Chanel 2011 spring and summer sunglasses production process video movie exposure

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Sun shining brightly against the glare of the sun the best fashion items, non-sunglasses! We previously described the recent Hollywood actress took to the streets to essential special edition Wholesale Sunglasses shape can be seen from these celebrity actress preference for sunglasses, in addition to the anti-UV to prevent ultraviolet irradiation, pick one enough to set off the overall shape of the sun glasses is the best choice for style points.
Sunglasses enthusiasts, where are with sunglasses Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld Karl Lagerfeld recently published four Chanel 2011 spring and summer sunglasses production process video. In one fell swoop is open past decade, Chanel Karl Lagerfeld Karl Lagerfeld design workshop is how to accomplish like a general and detailed and full of a sense of luxury couture Cheap Oakley Sunglasses complete process. Use Material: First featured sunglasses, cellulose acetate, followed by selection of a variety of colors, each color perfect craftsmanship auxiliary. Like polished and lacquered camellias, Chanel frames on coated fine lozenge leather.
Mix of sun glasses and are closely related to the overall wear Chanel who, like romanticism filled in the 2011 spring and summer fashion show of the year, in the frame of Chanel lace thread empty design features on the launch of sunglasses. 2011 winter launch foot mirror made with leather wear chain, to wear luxury sunglasses with classic Chanel handbag, a perfect match!
Both classic lozenge, pearls, chain belt, or black and white color or tweed seasonal clothing chain with luxury pearl decoration, every detail are extending exquisite creation from design essentially, it is Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld Karl Lagerfeld proud of sunglasses series.
Miu "MUTA" mini short film debut! 2011 new winter fashion Cheap Oakley Sunglasses clip an extraordinary publicity. However, fashion mini movie grading to please fashion Friends of psychological preparation, this may be the Ministry mature fashion videos. This suspense horror non-general fashion Miu "MUTA" mini-movie, shot by Argentina's well-known female director Lucretius Martel, from start to finish to take part in the filming of several supermodel did not fully exposed his face, a female foot stretch from the opening from the yacht began to crawl out, eat paper, venting, sprinkled disinfectant to the living, the issue of language can not be understood nothing about them, the brand-name bag hidden in Peristaltic pet.
In addition to the supermodel who wear the clothes, shoes, bags, a 1940s-style Miu panoply. See "MUTA" Even Guiyang hot sun good weather, flu watch after the slightest strange suspense coolness, fashion invited renowned director Lucretius Martel interpretation of the fashion industry, whether it is film space Ling, dialysis or incisive extremely director Lucretius Martel's answer is probably no one knows, you do?