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HOPEWELL JUNCTION, NEW YORK – MAY 2011: Metric Halo is happy to announce a special celebration of the 13th anniversary of its ChannelStrip plug-in by offering a 50% discount on new purchases of the GarageBand, Native, and TDM versions of the plug-in until June 20, 2011.

ChannelStrip was the first console-style channel strip plug-in launched on the market, combining gate, compressor and EQ modules in one efficient package. It was also the first to offer double-precision operation for the highest quality audio. With over one hundred presets, ChannelStrip allows the user to quickly hone in on the sound they’re looking for.

For thirteen years, top engineers have been using ChannelStrip to quickly and easily deliver the results their clients demand. Regardless of the genre, they all feel the same way about ChannelStrip.

According to Jack Hale, (Johnny Cash, Seals

and Crofts, The Disciples of Hale, Jim Horn, Zach Liff, Eric French & Mr. Hyde, The Memphis Horns) “Don’t let ChannelStrip’s small footprint, ease-of-use, and versatility fool you. For me, sound is always the priority – which is the original reason I began using it. I have a large collection of excellent, high-end plug-ins, and ChannelStrip is the one plug-in that I use on everything from pre-production to final master.”

Serban Ghenea (Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Kelly Clarkson, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Kevin Rudolf) agrees, “Almost without exception, ChannelStrip gets me where I need to go. It’s easy to work with. I’d attempt to compare it to other similar plug-ins, but the truth is I only use ChannelStrip. To me, ChannelStrip together with Pro Tools is the console. Other plug-ins are like outboard gear.”

In every genre, it’s the sound that really puts ChannelStrip over the top. Sterling Winfield (Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Pantera, Damageplan, Hellyeah) says, “I’m not a big tech-head, and I don’t know the math or the algorithms, but I do know what sounds good and what sounds correct. A lot of plug-ins sound harsh and artificial, in a way that I’ve come to associate with artless digital technology. Metric Halo’s ChannelStrip is in a different class. It always sounds smooth, no matter what I’m using it on, and it gives things a ‘sheen’ in the same way that great analog gear does.”

Ali Dee, Deetown Entertainment (The Jonas Brothers, Hot Tub Time Machine, Transformers, Mary J Blige, Daredevil, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Ghost Rider, Iron Man), adds, “I was drawn to ChannelStrip’s clean, transparent sound. It reminded me of the best solid-state gear that I used to work with. It has a fast response and a full frequency response, from silky highs to tight lows. The dynamics are punchy and responsive. It clearly stands above other software processors, and most hardware processors as well. That’s why we turn to it all the time, for every sort of instrument we record.”

“We call ChannelStrip the ‘Digital Classic’,” said Allen Rowand of Metric Halo. “What better description is there for a thirteen year-old piece of software that everyone from home enthusiasts to top engineers still use on a daily basis? It’s antique by some people’s standards, but those in the know use it for one simple reason – it sounds great!”

If you haven’t yet added ChannelStrip to your toolkit, now is a perfect time to take the plunge and hear what you’ve been missing. This limited time offer is available through MH Direct as well as authorized dealers worldwide.

ABOUT METRIC HALO Based in New York’s Hudson Valley, Metric Halo provides the world with high-resolution metering, analysis, recording and processing solutions with award-winning software and future-proof hardware.