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Cool to beats by dreenjoy the sounds of nature, Monster sound headphones.Fuji X-Pro1 rangefinder feeling and almost X100, focus faster, but the volume does have some. Canon G1X volume is not small, but if you count the lenses can be retractable to save space, compared to mainstream micro single, portability is not bad, but Canon shows prototype appears to be a problem, focusing on prompt busy and therefore focus The speed can not judge. Samsung NX200 than NX100, craft significant progress, but the volume is still larger than mainstream micro single, especially the lens, apparently too. These cameras, we fight for the future can be used for a long time after the evaluation, here to speak briefly, solely for the purpose of sharing. It sound style and overall sound quality by the limitations of the technology, there is still a gap between the moving coil ear. Although moving iron headphones have some of the characteristics of the shape, and a part of the sound, but the sound level is not there is no advantage at all. Cool to enjoy the sounds of nature, Monster sound headphones.

Bodybeats dre cheap in the concert scene, let us shout for their favorite stars right!Vsonic GR01 sound performance, its price is clearly not what the cost-effective, it’s just the sound performance in the same compact form certain characteristics headphones products. Compared with the portable amp, Faets E9 natural portability, but it’s the appearance of size is not large [149mmX96mmX56mm]. Dismantling article, we made a mistake, fly proud E9 E7 USB sound card connected to the base is not compatible with the iPod and iPhone, Faets another and E9 shape similar to the the amp E9i is specifically for the iPhone Design. E9 the top surface is a specially reserved for the E7 with the good base, E9 back a gain switch in the amp section, divided into the level of two tranches, in theory, the low-gain file for easy to drive low impedance headphones. Test from the practical point of view, the level of two tranches gain, output level is naturally not the same, the actual use high gain file is higher than the output level of the low-gain 7dB about. On the front panel, E9 metal shell, the surface of the drawing process, the work is more neat front panel potentiometer knob rotation slightly shell friction. Body in the concert scene, let us shout for their favorite stars right!

Revolutionary Hot sell cheap beats dre product turned out to change the world of Monster sound headphones!From dismantling, E9 use an external switching power supply, the standard 15V 1.5A DC output of the power supply. E9 use OPA2134 op amp as a pre – amp IC TPA6120 IC. The chip is also used in the Monitor 03 Series sound card amp section. With regard to the the headphone amplifier objective test, we still choose the professional-grade sound card entry form common analysis methods provide intuitive measurement results. Dismantling seems E9 E7 connected to base out of these problems, this part does not sound but can be found in the USB sound card], so testing is missing this part of the functional test. But before we for the E7 USB function test has been found that the output level is not very good. Today’s test using the Monitor 02 US analog output to E9, only its headphone amplifier part of the function evaluation. The following objective test is divided into two groups, respectively, corresponding to the the E9 amp high and low gain setting two steps. The test uses a 6.35mm headphone output interface, in the 0dB Linein input, low-gain file about the volume set in the 10 o’clock position. Revolutionary product turned out to change the world of Monster sound headphones!