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Cheap ghd Australia the old brand of Shanghai

The “great white rabbit, the Fung Cheung, the butterfly map which Hang Seng is source, Cheap ghd Australia the old brand of Shanghai a major asset for the people of Shanghai, and they have a deep emotional brand company continues to grow over the years was not easy.”On June 7, according to Internet reports, the Shanghai Oriental city Party Secretary Yu Zhengsheng, research, also said that given the present transformation and development of the new situation and revitalizing a ghd brand take another strategy, the local conditions and by the time, innovative ideas and approaches.In this context of Yu Zhengsheng, recommendations, and explore new markets and rich tradition of variety and imagination, and new, especially the younger ones to the categories of consumer brand awareness and identity, you want the consolidation of resources the madness, to break through to extend the cost element of the development of enterprises, and ghd space, you want to the culture and creative industry well, and multi-channel, To make multi form, to improve brand image ghd brand and competitive. Yu ming Yang believes that “in the traditional, modern and finding a balance between the ghd brand, ghdfreerunx2012 / the concern is in the process of the development of the core issues.” cheap ghd straightener East Ltd General said Manager to the media, and more from Shanghai old brand “rehabilitation is the first step, and clarification of property rights of ghd brand assets and business assets be according to reasonable estimates, conducting the auction.” Also, because foreign acquisition of motives is not controlled, so that ghd opportunities on the private company, because it must be the power to the cause of their future to dare the note.