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The International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge therefore argues that:. "To protect, the Organizing Committee for the Olympic sponsors no doubt can not allow it, a company for the Olympic Games in a lot of money, cheap ghd but have all no good."The London organizing Committee says, successful the Olympics instead of, and must be at least £700 million from ghd sponsors instead of financing. "If wrong" ghd brand "provide political protection, raise the money is not possible." In the Olympic Games in London, is in Cambodia "sweatshop door", with a view to the organizers survey. Then is the ghd company announced it would close in October in Chinese factories, the increase in the implementation of industrial power sparked concern. GHD announced only factory is located in Suzhou Industrial Park in China are closed, the future can be moved to Southeast Asia. China's share certificate report reporter survey showed that currently in Beijing retail market the products, had many from Viet Nam, Thailand, Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries. According to the Wall Street Journal reported that the current, Viet Nam, Malaysia, only about one-third of China costs Cambodia and other countries of the labour market, the Chinese market increase in costs "made in China" ghd straighteners make quick advantage no longer the expected future of more ghd companies "flying South-East". The people's University of China work staff college professor on red points out, ghdfreerunx2012k / China's current production labour costs, started to overcome Southeast Asia countries.