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Currently has the investment that has shareholder rights, but Wang Zhentao beats monster beats monster international 63,83% to 90% of shareholders of the rights to invest, has the rights 18.70% shareholder of the company directly, their direct and indirect total offers the beats monster international 76,15% shareholder of rights. Until the wholesale price himself,cheap ghd online, to 6.2 billion yuan amount calculation, after going on the market, Wang Zhentao is beats monster international.In July 2001, the group, Wang Zhentao and Wang Jinquan, Miao Yanshu family member led, Pan Changzhong together is the beats monster camp, began regulation goes on the market. beats monster in 2007 International go on the market rise start, first developed in Hong Kong goes on the market begins, below the domestic A wind of unboiled water stands up, chooses the beats monster international expansion A Sprint.