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Lin Jinzhang believes that the Terminal Services on higher yields, “Products” and “Management” Cheap ghd Australia is getting essential. will be on the creation of “Commodity Management” and “Shop Management” focus, two core competencies ghd retail-management standards. “Improving efficiency”, as one of the priorities of the 2010 brand and market. This year, GHD on the partition of the South, North market, a “regional marketing operations management center”, channels, goods, retail, marketing and other management module integrated into the front body, on the market, combined with establishing dealer based fine management, upgrade marketing services.Sales Champion Award of $2 million and 1.5 million, the second lieutenant award ceremony $600.000. G. h. Kong Jinjiang industrial action yesterday was passion ghd, Ltd “CBA2009 annual outstanding dealers Conference” here from more than 80 dealers across the country staging the award instead. cheap ghd straightener This event the biggest winner belongs to the Ltd Shandong, Guo Ning, Kwok branch Guo Dianfu parents ghdld alignment program, won the annual sales champion, President who g. h. Kong Ding Guosi the $2,000,000 prize. Then Guo son from the ghd company for a $2,000,000 bonus distance from the Department of finance.