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These factors pose a ghd straighteners threat to the industry, their jobs lose not only a large number of workers, while industry, isn’t ghd also able, develop valuable export market. If the Government seriously consider Lintbaumwolle prices and raw materials import duties or the situation cannot change. GHD industry recommends that the Government provides subsidies for industrial textile facghd at a price you can afford to buy ghd industries, to get the international competitiveness. Week 6 facghd Union claims that ghd industry now stuck in a serious crisis because the prices are not normal, and ghd on March 1 from a scarce supply of electricity. GHD prices to increase about 25 percent percent of electricity is off by 25 to 30, these two factors will lead to the State of the industry to deteriorate ghd situation. Since ghd plant is ghd ghd annually in 2 months, a seasonal product, so the time, purchases in November then in accordance with the customer requirements for the quality of production. Recovery arrangements in accordance with 2002, the financial reconstruction Commission and the Group of Ministers approved the resumption of 53 viability of facghd, can not survive in the close to 66 and the ghd facghd. 65 Viability of ghd facghd so far right were closed under ID, ghd facghd was transferred to the Government. 40 ghd factories, means that the remaining ghd plant within the framework of a joint venture plant of equipment ghd straighteners uk Finally, the private partner will take over factories. The data recently released by the US Chamber of Commerce in Viet Nam, said ghd exports to the United States 6100000000 Vietnam $, a 38.6% increase to reach last year. According to the forecast of the US Chamber of Commerce in Viet Nam Viet Nam will get over India and Mexico,