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bags and Lai Dehua was accidentally elevator encounter two so how they can not think of a familiar woman: Xu Hui Chu Yingying, how do you Here? . . Aloud natural Lai Dehua. The self-proclaimed romantic middle-aged uncle, although age is not a light, but well-maintained appearance looks quite refined, so women, especially pretty girls have always been very enthusiastic. As for the bags, although it is also very surprised, but only slightly and nodded toward the two women, and then quietly looked Lai Dehua one. Lai Dehua bags, this one is what does that mean. Not long ago, Lai Dehua said before, these two beautiful and tough girl in order to sectarian once every five years, a large majority, is to concentrate on closed-door practice, not out looking for his trouble. Mended at the moment, actually a coincidence to run into. Lai Dehua face quite Samsam, secretly muttered: So, a woman heart undersea needle. You never know what the next moment, they will make anything crazy.

Xu Hui also accidentally Chouchou beaming Lai Dehua, again baffled a Delicate thin clouds of bags, then shallow smile: nothing, you know, we learn archeology, this time we deliberately with several teachers to field trips. You, she deliberately sweep sweep bags on both sides of the Ye Xiaoli Dong Jun: over tourism? Laide Hua the heart hop, smiles: be it? Chu Yingying right arm holding Koh Hui suddenly faint smile and stare at the bags: Mr. Luo good Masaoki seems your girlfriend’ve been to the. Her slightly provocative eyes looked in the face of Ye Xiaoli and Dong Jun: These two beautiful, which one is Mr. Luo your girlfriend? Rao bags has always been calm a plus, but at the moment, listen Chu Yingying insinuation, his face could not help a slight fever. Yes, ah, discount mulberry bags his girlfriend is also the capital of a coma, but with two beautiful women to N Province, this look at any girl’s eyes, afraid will himself as a libertine but he is still a faint smile: she has not wake up, in the capital’s hospitals.