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Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 He wondered whether to break off when she come back next month, since sooner or later they will separate. For several days Fanlin have canceled classes, concentrate on composing music for the opera. Easily stream music from his writings, a melody so smooth and fresh so that he stopped writing to ask ourselves, is not accidentally copied the works of the masters. Not every tune he wrote the original. He neglected to teach the students uneasy. One afternoon they brought a cage containing a bright yellow parrot. “We give you to get this.” The Wona on Fan Lin said. Although we understand that no birds can replace Polly Fanlin or appreciate the intention, so that their new parrot into the Baoli the cage. He told them to school at night. The parrot has a name, called Devon. Every day Fanlin lost it on one side, not simply asked to speak, despite the bird would say that a variety of words, including offensive language. Once it is even called the the Wona “bitch”; the Fanlin guess Devon original owner is not because of the mouth stinks too much to sell it. Eat, Fan Lin little to eat their own food dish into Polly Devon, but he often drove the transom, I hope the birds will fly away. The second half of the opera music. Albert? After Zhang reading the sheet music to Fan Lin hit telephone, to see him. Fanlin next morning went to Albert’s office, not sure what the director to talk to him. Fan Lin sat down, Albert shook his head and laughed. “I could not understand – this part of the fallen half of the discrepancy is too large.” “Better or worse?” I said are not allowed, but the latter part seems to be more abundant feelings. Sing a few paragraphs, let us look at how it sounds. Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 “Fan Lin sang one after another, as if the music poured forth from his physical and psychological depths. He felt that the masters of the opera, The blind musician, he lamented the lost sweetheart – the girl is a local beauty, forced by their parents and married to a general Zuoqie. Fan Lin’s voice was trembling sadness, this never happened in his previous audition. “Ah, so sad,” Albert’s assistant said, “I want to cry.” Somehow that woman, then so Fanlin calm a little. Then he sang a few paragraphs of the first half of the songs, every section of the light and elegant, especially support five overlapping songs in the opera. Albert said: “I am certainly the latter part of the emotional it is more soul – sorrow rather than anger, soft but not weak. I had to.” “Right, really like.” Cheap Nike Air Max 1 The woman echoed one. What should I do? “Fan Lin sighed. “Coordinate the entire music consistent.” Suggested Albert. “That is need for several weeks.” We have time. “Fan Lin started working to modify the sheet music; In fact, he gave the first half of the major surgery. He did it too hard, broke down a week later and had to bed rest. However, even with eyes closed, he could not suppress the echo in the minds of music. The next day he continued to write. Despite the fatigue, he was very pleased, even revel in the excitement of this to music. Feeding in addition to Devon, he is totally regardless of it. The parrot came to him occasionally, but Fanlin busy not attend to it. One afternoon, after working for several hours, he was lying in bed. Devon falls next to him. Cheap Nike Air Max 87 The birds upturned with the blue tip of a long tail, and then jump to the chest on Fanlin beans like eyes staring at him. “How are you?” Parrot shouted a voice, seems a bit out of breath. To start Fanlin do not understand that a sharp voice. “How are you?” Bird repeat. “Well, okay.” Fan Lin smiled, eyes look full of tears. Dai Wenfei, fell on the half-open windows. White curtains swinging in the breeze, as if to dance; outside Bodhi leaves rustling. “Come back!”