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Cheap Nike Air Max 89 Fan Lin shouted. Around three in the afternoon, snow sparse into freezing rain, Ji Sena Avenue, a few umbrellas. Whenever the green light is lit in the street, the line people will bypass or skip the edge of the puddle in the road sub-teeth. Feng Dan stood in the office window, watching the following street and sidewalk on both sides covered with obscured by the awning of the vegetable stall and fruit stand. This makes him think of closing the market, everyone departed. Just now his customers a phone call, said the weather was so bad, can not come; Feng Dan then gave the apartment of the five 45 street sellers to call to cancel that appointment. The afternoon the rest of the time he nothing better to do. His watch – three ten. Him what to do? To the nursery to pick up their kids? No, not to work so early. He decided to go to Flushing Center mall jewelers to see his wife Gina. Maine streets bustling sidewalk full of people from the subway station, most of them wrapped in a coat, and some cell phones. Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Two teenage blond girl carrying a bag, walked hand in hand like a pair of pairs, skirts, exposing their bare legs and lace boots. An odor of rotten fruit burst into Feng Dan’s nose, he pick up the pace to turn into Roosevelt Avenue to buy a “World News” Zhonghua, and then put newspaper under his arm, into the mall. “Where is Gina?” He asked Sally. This girl is a jewelery salesman. “She was at rest.” Sally replied, the hair of his head into a ponytail disk. “In the back?” “Not, may be in the downstairs.” Sets of jade tea and pen holder stand on the counter, the cheeks pink Sally rub them. In addition to jewelry, this shop also sell gifts like gadgets. She arrayed on a shelf behind the crystal horses, boats, swans, lotus, goldfish, a variety of parrots, cars, aircraft. Below the first floor of the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel, Gina frequented the bar. Feng Dan hurried toward the escalators, I get angry, knowing that his wife, together with Yu Fuming; That guy is a hotel front desk during the day foreman. The hall was quiet, the center of a huge vase stand in a double-layer round-table studded with a variety of flowers. Cheap Nike Air Max 90 VT The bar in the rear of the hall, a bamboo covered the glass walls. Feng Dan stopped at the door, look at the dark house. More than a dozen tables, a petite woman lying on the counter reading a magazine by the chair around, may be a “fashion”. They over there – Gina and rich sitting in a corner, a small table in between the two. They are the only customers here, no note of Feng Dan continue to chat with. Gina giggled, “is too general.” Feng Dan could not hear what they talk about. He thought that should not go, Foo Ming Gina said: “I will go again one nuts.” He sounded spirits flying. Gina put a pistachio thrown into the air; rich a catch! Bang bang! Chewing. They all laughed. “Another one,” he said. “Good dog, good dog,” she throw from a Brazil nut, Foo Ming bite. Feng Dan turned and left, dragging his legs toward the front door. He was sure Gina and he got married, Foo Ming chase her, but Feng Dan never pancake face guy as a real opponent. Nike Air Max 180 Gina Flushing famous beauty, and even now there are still men – Asians, whites, Latinos, blacks – deliberately jewelers stay looking her glances. Occasionally someone to ask her out, she told Feng Dan, she has always refused to say if the husband will envy the dead. Nevertheless, why she does not stop to meet with Yu Fuming? “Bloody beauty,” Feng Dan muttered out of the castle, “she change the frivolous nature of self-inflicted, when you should not tried to chase her.” Feng Dan did not return to the office, away of the joint on the street sun baths. Freezing rain already stopped, but the weather is colder and the wind is large, the edge of melting snow is starting to bear from the ice ballast. Boeing zips from the head down to La Guaira airport. Sky fading into the indigo multiplied street cars, neon lights twinkling. That bathhouse is located in the basement of a second floor was opened, also provides other services: sauna, steam bath, intrafamilial transmission, massage, scraping feet.