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chi flat iron did not explain the how important exposure time

I have an appointment quickly, but you must plan 2-4 hours depending on hair length. From a medium capacity and motivation of young hairdresser, I was just a very short time the program – here, I would prefer the details in advance if I do not have to listen to my colleagues. However, the path is smooth hair, then interesting: first intensive cleaning (conventional care products silicone residue has been removed), hair paste sulfur mushrooms, has chi flat irona unique odor. During this time, I was a little afraid, because I initially did not explain the how important exposure time and then, but no one to keep the girl a whole in addition to the clock from my eyes – the kind, and then squandered a good half one hour, but you do not table on my shortcomings.

The whole thing is flushed out, and only then is almost auswendigsten’s part of the process of sealing chain straightening iron. Then my hair is very smooth, Asian pop singer.

The hair ultra chi flat iron hair straightener The hardest part will be over the next three days, where you may have to go to any water (not even sweating efforts) hair. First hair wash (of course the original the Chi products) is quite a treat! Your product at a much lower price than the salon crew, they want to sell it to you in different online stores, such as hair Bourdon Stan.

My hair does not look as smooth as directly from the smoothed, but with minimal effort, as early as in the best condition. I am completely chi flat iron   satisfied, immediately suggested. Finally, I can wear my hair, wind and weather – and will spare no effort to them straight or Glattfönen permanent. For me, the real income of the quality of life. Let’s look at it is what it was like in six months ..