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Chicago Music Producer Wins A3C Hip Hop Beat Battle Showcase

SAE Atlanta Audio Technology Program graduate and Chicago native J.Hush was the winner of the iStandard Beat Battle Producer Showcase at the A3C Festival, an annual hip hop event held in Atlanta.

SAE Atlanta Audio Technology Program graduate J.Hush was the winner of the iStandard Beat Battle Producer Showcase at the A3C Festival, an annual hip hop event held in Atlanta, GA.

“Winning the A3C competition helped me to learn a lot about the music business and the presentation of my music,” says Hush, whose entry of a slow R&B track into the Showcase helped him to stand out among 16 other competitors. “The Festival’s panels also helped me to soak up tons of valuable information that will be useful in the development of my career.”

Hush grew up in Chicago, IL in a musical family: he played piano, his mother and grandmother were singers, and his brother played the drums. All were involved as performers and songwriters in Chicago’s Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, the first and only church in Chicago to have won a gospel Grammy award.

Hush began producing local artists and his own music after graduating from Proviso West High School in Hillside, IL in 1995. In 2012, he visited Atlanta to attend his first A3C festival, and it was there where he first learned of SAE and the school’s Audio Technology Program.

“Being part of A3C made me realize that the networking possibilities in Atlanta were huge, so I wanted to move down there,” says Hush, who cites Teddy Riley, Devonte, Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Pharrell, Percy Bady, and Waryn Campbell as his biggest influences. “I also was ready to learn more about the technical aspects of music production, so SAE’s Atlanta campus was the perfect choice to help me gain that knowledge.”

Hush enrolled in SAE’s Audio Technology Diploma Program in April of 2013. Although he was a veteran producer, he found that the SAE curriculum, experienced faculty, comprehensive studio facilities, and focused emphasis on practical skill development helped to give him an edge over other producers and also improve the sonic presentation of his work – which he describes as “soulful with hard drums and very commercial.”

Currently, Hush is working on his own album as well as projects for Chicago rappers Tripp Heavy and Shawn Boyd, and R&B artist B. Lilly. He’s also busy developing his own entertainment and promotion company and a clothing line called Hush Culture.

“My advice for SAE students and grads who wish to go the entrepreneurial route with their music is to work hard and take advantage of everything that’s available to you on the campus,” says Hugh. “I practically lived there while I was a student, and the time that you put in makes a big difference in the improvement of your knowledge and skills. Also, follow your own ideas and be yourself when it comes to your productions. Don’t feel pressure to follow the trends. That approach helped to set me apart and to win the Producer Showcase at A3C.”


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