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China, are you afraid of Sadako you

Eating the sugar cane, and held the hands of the sugar cane and sticky, and emotional similar, is always sticky sweet things, or because sticky so it sweet?
A lot of things we understand not, and can not explain. As cheap nike air max 95 360 shoes Yan Li!
She read my article, “wrote Huang Yan Li”, they sent me a message, I hope my article into private log! She repeatedly stressed that she is a simple, ordinary people can not afford to become a role model for others! She said the past few days had troubles very painful, as if putting on a show, had contradictory to cater to, because the least burdened with the face of the college and leadership expectations! She truly me bare her emotions: “I kind of want to cry!”
I thought of the sugar cane, the others in terms of that sweet, as crying advertising “sweet sugar cane, sugar cane, sweet and not money!” However, who understand sugarcane sweet bitten pain on it?
Friends, thank you for your support of Yan Li, however, please understand that, “people do not like living in the crowd!” I want to find her QQ friends, First, to say the next I’m sorry, and now she do not want to be disturbed, etc. After this period, a calm day, we find her to exchange it!
The middle of the night, Lai Ching sent me to thank you, thank me on a log! She said she was deeply touched, and these days she has been busy canvassing (Top Ten Singer) While living in the former bit her votes, she cheap nike air max 90 hyperfuse men’shoes   was not happy, but he is only felt tired! She had wanted to participate in a low-key game for canvassing, however, had to shamelessly Contact the lot had not been in touch with friends!
However, regardless of strict Korea, or Kleen, or other candidates and singer, I’m still that sentence, all has nothing to do with you!
Friends, since sugar cane can not choose to be bitten, please let her sweet in the end!
Remember No. 17 Huang Yan Lai, . Love her, just quietly clicking her! Then, not to disturb her life!
My honor of Quanzhou Port Quanzhou Strait released to the End of the World Community, a netizen reviews special force: rogue top of, not hooligans top of! Behind told to shoot straight in a row the top! Friends, I then apply that users today: rogue on top, not hooligans top of!
I stood the shameless vertex my shameless as the organizers of those fart bang the head shameless! To this end, I specifically wrote a joke presented to the organizers: 60 after the singer was busy practicing singing, 70 after the singer was busy stuffed red envelopes, the singer busy latent 80 rules, 90 after the singer was busy brush votes! Nima in this era, reallycheap nike air max tn shoes  sick!
I was severely bitten by a sugar cane spit! This sugar cane like most of the small rogue, you can chew on him, but you swallow!