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China is the world’s third largest personal luxury market

China is the world’s third largest personal luxury market, luxury goods worth at least $160000000000 RMB, and is expected in the next 3 years more than Japan and the United States to become the world’s largest country of the luxury market, luxury total value will reach 180000000000 yuan louis vuitton outlet.

The Louis Vuitton store is the world’s 16 great harmony class boutique, is located in Shanghai specialized in the sales of luxury goods: Plaza66 regional shopping center, there are all kinds of competitive brands such as Prada Chanel ( Chanel ) and ( Prada ), which also has many shops louis vuitton outlet store.

The store is divided into 4 standard, there are more than 100 employees, the store is China’s only a, specialized sales order bags and footwear. At present the company not to reveal the boutique cost is a number louis vuitton outlet online.